If you’re interested in doing some redecorating for 2018, it helps to know which home décor trends are going to remain popular. While everyone has their own personal style, these up and coming home décor trends can help you get some good ideas for the direction you may want to go. Whether it’s colors, patterns, or materials, check out these trendy home décor tips.

When it comes to colors, millennial pink is slowly giving way to darker tones including lavender and lilac. These are great options for a sofa or a bed. An old-school olive green is trendy in 2018 as are other shades of green including chartreuse. Try using these greens in dining rooms or bedrooms. A rich and vibrant ruby red is great for accent pieces. Another popular color trend is to use the same color for walls and pieces of furniture in front of them.

Geometric patterns remain popular, but circles are now more trendy than triangles. Circles are great patterns for graphic wallpaper or accent pillows. The up-and-coming material trend for 2018 is velvet. This rich look can add to a formal living room and is also quite comfortable in sheet or blanket form.

The use of natural materials for home décor is becoming very popular. Some ideas you can use include sea shells and lava rocks and natural materials are great for coasters or small decorative pieces. Another new concept making its way into home décor is called Wabi-sabi which is the Japanese art of seeing beauty in imperfection. This trend gives you the freedom to mix and match, and also gives you permission to leave your bed unmade.

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